Musicians: 5 Actions To Take After You Release a New Song

Once your new song is out, the work has just began. To give this song a good shot at success, these 5 actions should form your immediate to-do list.

1. Make sure the song is available on all legitimate streaming platforms. That way your fans and followers will find it easily when they hear about it, and you’ll get paid when they play it.

2. Add the song to the SongBoost app and subscribe to be notified every time the song is played on radio or TV.

3. If it’s a good song, invest in a good quality video in order to tap into TV airplay. TV stations are a gold mine for airplay.

4. Pay a good promoter to push the song offline and online. Invest in promotion just like you invest in creation, even good songs need a push in order to blow.

5. Once the song gets into the Charts, share chart updates with your fans and followers. They will share widely once you’re doing well.

Now install the SongBoost app from Google Play or App Store if you don’t already have it. WhatsApp SongBoost on +256 702 400 500 if you have questions.


About Elijah Kitaka

Ugandan tech executive and musicpreneur with over 20 years track record. Spent 5 years at Google in Strategic Partnerships and Developer / Startup Ecosystem teams covering Sub-Saharan Africa. Ex-Head of Technology at Uganda’s National Social Security Fund, and held several roles at Global Trust, Barclays, and Stanbic/Standard Bank. Founded Ugandan’s first mobile value-added services and payments aggregation company, True African (197), back in the early 2000s.

As a musicpreneur; Cofounded SongBoost – an analytics mobile app-based service providing radio airplay tracking and placement across 8 countries in Africa, and FEZAH – a platform at the forefront of monetising Ugandan live music internationally.