Anne Juuko: Breaker of Records

Banking looks calm on the surface, but quite tough to lead at scale.

In Feb 2021 I received a WhatsApp that reads; “Good morning Elijah, my name is Anne Juuko from Stanbic Bank. I got your number from – -. I was wondering when would be a good time for me to give you a call or better still set up a physical meeting”.

April 17, 2024

5 Key Learnings from my EXCO, CIO Journey

I’ve just completed my assignment as CIO/Head Engineering of Uganda’s #1 Bank.

5 key learnings from this and other ExCO roles I’ve done over the years, especially for those that aspire to hold similar positions.

August 13, 2023

Captains of Industry: Richard Byarugaba

In the early 2000s, I was a young techie building a mobile company called True African. We were in the same building as Nile Bank. Richard Byarugaba was the bank’s Chief Executive.

In an elevator from the ground to the 3rd floor, I gave Richard an elevator pitch.

January 16, 2023

My “That One Person”

We all need that one person in our corner. My “that one person” is my brother Patrick Mukalazi. Patrick is the very first person that I’m aware of that believed in me. For some reason, Patrick is convinced that I can do great things. He stops at nothing to encourage...

December 17, 2022

SongBoost: Journey of a Lockdown Startup

Never let a good crisis go to waste – Winston Churchill.

January 2021 presented the perfect storm in Uganda; A heated national election was taking place. The country was under COVID lockdown. Facebook access had been and still remains blocked across the country. To top it all off, there was a complete internet shutdown in the country. In the midst of this storm, SongBoost was born. Here is a brief quarter-by-quarter journey.

October 3, 2022

Difficult Country: 7 Actions Ugandan Mainstream Musicians Should Take

The music business in Uganda is going to get harder than anywhere else. The industry is heavily misunderstood, and now increasingly politicized. This is why there is no goodwill to create an environment in which this industry can thrive. Success is possible but against such great odds. If you’re a mainstream musician, here are 7 actions you should implement.

April 20, 2021