My “That One Person”

We all need that one person in our corner. My “that one person” is my brother Patrick Mukalazi. Patrick is the very first person that I’m aware of that believed in me. For some reason, Patrick is convinced that I can do great things. He stops at nothing to encourage and support my madness – or the madness he created. Patrick believes in me so much, that I started believing in myself.

There is no risky decision in my life that Patrick has not been a part of. I could write a book about these but I’ll give just one example for now. Many years ago Patrick believed that I was made for entrepreneurship. He bought me my very first computer, printer, scanner, and gave me $300 to incorporate and start a company. I was in my first year at university, pursuing a Civil Engineering degree. I went ahead and started the company, and dropped out of university in my 3rd year to focus on this company. Without hesitation, he supported my decision to drop out of Civil Engineering in my 3rd year – who does that! The company I started along with a couple of other friends is what came to be known as True African – the very first value-added services provider and mobile aggregator in Uganda through the 197 shortcode. It grew to feature on KPMG’s Top 100 MidSized companies in the following years. I would not have even started, without Patrick.

At all my lowest points (and I have many of these), Patrick is always there helping me to get back up. Patrick is the best brother in the whole wide world. I owe Patrick more than he knows. I love Patrick, a lot! I would gladly give Patrick a kidney in a heartbeat.

I hope you too have a Patrick in your life.